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Hello, my name is Kuma Juan Nazhi.  I come from India.  I'm writing through a top of the line, state of the art Kumanian translating service, so my English only LOOKS good.  Anyway, I made this site so that you didn't have to download the Anniemon Battle 3 game.  See, I know that some people, or their parents, don't trust the internet when it comes to what's and what's not safe to load down.  That is for what reason I created the Anniemon Battle (Roman Numeral) III game as a free online service.  There are no downloads, and there are no cookies that track down the IP address that belongs to your computer.  I am in the process of creating the graphics for the online edition of the program.  I'm sorry, but the virtual reality pack is not available on the internet, because of the fact that users of this game would need PowerPoint that belongs to Microsoft to run the 3DS that belongs to Nintendo (MARK OF TRADE) emulator that I have created, along with the fact that the same app is needed to activate the special effects, such as the ever famous "BLOOD FEATURE."  The full online game is released on April 12, 2012 in India and Japan, but it is released on April 3rd, 2012, in the United States and Europe.  These are the same dates on which the full 3DS edition of the game is released respectively in these areas of the world. Until then, I will be posting constant game updates, and new online levels, until the whole game is released; that way, you can follow up with the game online OR wait until it is out for your favorite game system!  ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!